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Don’t pay ticket with Urine-soaked coins

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Redneck Sushi

redneck sushi

You got to love it. Maybe it was made in a double wide trailer.

ShamWow Guy Busted

ShamWow guy

Maybe they won’t allow him to make anymore commericals. Read about it at the smoking gun.

Dell Mini 9 running Windows 7 perfectly

Dell mini 9 running windows 7I installed Windows 7 Beta on my Dell Mini 9 and it runs very fast and I’m very happy with my setup. It took a good couple of hours to both install and get the setup the way I liked. I had to find a couple of drivers to make the LAN, BT and wireless switch to work but after a while I got it working like a charm. Some of the Dell icons in the toolbar aren’t working but with the use of widgets everything is working perfectly. So far I’m very pleased with Windows 7 and running it on the Mini 9 works great. I’ll report some more as I start using the Mini more.

We already voted NO on gay marriage twice already!

SACRAMENTO — The sponsors of a second ballot measure seeking to repeal California’s ban on same-sex marriage have been cleared to start collecting signatures.

The secretary of state on Friday gave the group Yes on Equality until Aug. 17 to collect the nearly 700,000 signatures needed to qualify its initiative for the 2010 ballot.

If approved by voters, the group’s proposed constitutional amendment would rescind Proposition 8, which passed last November. The California Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on legal challenges to the voter-approved measure.

Earlier this month, two Southern California college students got permission to start circulating petitions for a separate initiative that would end all marriage as a state-sanctioned institution and instead make couples _ gay or straight _ eligible only for domestic partnerships.

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