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Jessica scores her second goal

We’re so excited about Jessica scoring for the second time this season. This is her 7th season playing soccer and she had yet to score. We’ve been encouraging her to go towards the goal more frequently but she plays her position (middle midfield) just as she’s been taught and rarely drives to the goal. In her first game of the season she made a huge kick that went in the air and over the goalies head to score. It surprised everyone since she doesn’t have a big leg but she got all of it and in it went. Angie didn’t get that goal on video though. This time she did. She and the coach had been practicing penalty kicks at practice Thursday and she was picked as the designated penalty kicker. Her opportunity came and she punched it in as she practiced.

Long suffering Texas Rangers fan

Angie roots for the Dallas Stars, Dallas Cowboys and the Texas Rangers. I don’t think she’s going to have a very good year.

This photo was taken in 1997 at Candlestick Park when the Texas Rangers and the San Francisco Giants played their first interleague game. This was also Jessica’s first Major League ballgame. Angie has come a long way waiting for the Rangers to be in the World Series.

Built a custom Closet

Three weeks ago Evan came to me and asked if I wanted some of his furniture from a bedroom he was remodeling. Of course I would, everything Evan has is top notch and worth having. On top of that, Angie and I wanted to fill our guestroom with a bed instead of a convertible couch. It was perfect timing. All I had to do was take it from his garage. It couldn’t be easier. Aron brought our flat trailer over, we loaded it up and into my home it went. We’re happy and Evan is happy. It couldn’t get any better.

But it does……

Above Our new guest room

Evan asked if Aron could move a light switch from in the closet to outside of the closet while we’re there moving the furniture. I couldn’t understand why he’d want the switch moved. So luckily I asked. He says he’s remodeling his master bedroom closet also and where the switch was would be blocked by the new built in’s. So he needed it moved. But the closet has custom built in’s already. It didn’t make any sense to me. Evan says everything in the closet will be removed and tossed to make room for the new stuff. HOLD IT, toss all the built in’s? No way I’ll take it down and reinstall all of it in my home. Evan say’s go to it as long as it ASAP. I’m on it and the next day Phil and I start tearing it down, loading it up on the trailer and delivering it to my garage. Again I’ve gotten lucky thanks to Evan’s remodel.

But just removing the shelving is just the first half of the project. I’d have the remove everything we have in our closet. It also required patching and painting prior to the new installation. I’m ready to attack it.

First thing was to remove the existing shelving and patch all the holes where the shelves were. Done!

Now for the texture and paint. Done!

Notice the two tone green paint. The wall with the window is a darker gray green. I did this because the closet was too bright.

Next was to reassemble the closet with the new shelving. This posed to be an issue. Since it was built for a different size room I’d have to rip some of the shelving. Since I don’t have the correct power tools I ask to my neighbor Dan what he suggested. He shows me a table saw he has and I can borrow it if I like. Another blessing because the table saw did the trick. The saw cut the shelves like butter and made the job so much easier. After getting most of the closet installed I then made the measurements and cut the shelves to complete the project. Without the table saw I don’t think I’d be able to make some of the complex cuts necessary to get the custom look I was trying to achieve. I’m pretty proud of my closet and accomplishment.

My side

Angie’s side has all the drawers.

I’d like to thank;

Evan, for giving me all the stuff. (I think there is more in the garage too. And Aron took all the shelving I couldn’t use)

Aron, for helping me move all the stuff.

Phil, for helping me disassemble the existing closet and towing the trailer.

Dan, for lending me his table saw.