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First road trip of the Spring USS Hornet

This past Monday I made a trip out to the bay area (Alameda California) to take a tour of the USS Hornet. The history of the Hornet is a good one. But what I remember is the splashdown of the Apollo 11 Astronauts and President Nixon visiting the Airstream trailer in the hanger desk of the aircraft carrier. And yes it’s there in the museum to check out.

The Hornet museum is mostly a self-guided tour but there are docent lead groups that are very informative. I caught up with three old timers that spent years on the Hornet that gave wonderful tour of the engine room, electrical area, 4th deck and the tower. These guys were great and I spend a lot of time just talking to them. The great thing was I was in a group with only a couple of people at a time which was a one on one personal tour. They’re walking and talking history of the Hornet. The rest of the time I spent wondering and getting lost within the ship.

Check out my photo here.