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Shoulder injury
On November 14th I had my shoulder scoped to repair some minor damage. This was my first time under the knife and everything worked out just fine. My recovery has been quick. As of Friday the 21st I was out of the sling and my stitches were removed. Though the pain is at times still intense, I’m hoping my previous pains will be gone and I’ll be able to start swimming again.

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Shoulder surgery photos

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  1. Nothing serious, conceder it an arm tune –up. I’ve been taking cortisone shots for many years and decided to get the wing fixed once and for all. I had bursitis, bone spurs, torn tendon and some floating junk in the joint. The surgery cleaned it all up. All of this was causing me pain, especially in the cool weather.

  2. Update on my arm:
    Six weeks have pasted and I’m starting to get most of my flexablity back. I still have more than normal pain in the joint but everyday the pain is less than the day before. The Doc told me it may take up to six months to enjoy full painless movement. I look forward to it.

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