Ugh!!! I was hacked!

As you might have noticed I have started a new blog. It’s the same blog as before but without two years of readable archives. Two years of blogging have been corrupted. I have backups of all my blogs and if I can figure out how to restore them I’ll do it. Restoring PHP and SQL is not my expertise and I’m tired of working on it. So for the sake of continuing my blog I decided to start from scratch. I spent two weeks trying to figure it out and finding out what happened. According to what I’ve discovered was that a spam attack caused my blog to unravel. Spam attached it’s self too all my posts causing a visible error. When I tried to remove the spam and delete all the caught spam (through the spam filter) the problem became worse. So I gave up today and decided to start fresh.

I couple of things I found out through this adventure. Periodically manually backup don’t trust your host backup to work. I was unable to restore from the Yahoo’s backup. I also learned that Yahoo SQL and PHP experts will attempt to help to the best of their ability. Yahoo’s business accounts service reps did a good job trying to help me out. They never gave up trying to resolve my problems. I gave up and had them pull the plug!

So here I am starting over again. Let’s hope I can get another two years uneventful posting.

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