Yankee Stadium

So long Yankee Stadium

I’ll miss Yankee Stadium. I went to the Bronx to watch the Yankees play as a kid growing up in New Jersey many times. Between 1966 and 1977 I must have gone at least a hundred times. We went to the stadium as school events, little league outings and even skipped school to go watch a ball game. In the original version of Yankee stadium prior to the remodel, I seemed to always get stuck behind a post and impeded my view of the game and I still loved going. We tried to make very bat day, old timers game and I loved going to batting practice. Even now as a middle aged man, every time I returned back east during the summer I made at least one pilgrimage to Yankee stadium to watch my beloved Yankees. I’ve taken my wife and baby daughter on the subway to watch a game. And returned on the subway and train back to Jersey in the middle of the night. I am a true Yankee fan!

I attempted to go one more time this summer to watch a game or two. Maybe even go see one of the last games at Shea. But I as a regular working stiff I can no longer afford to go to a game. As I attempt to purchase tickets for one of the final games, ticket prices were as high as $2500 bucks for the cheap left field seats. Add the cost of flying and hotel made it imposable for me to arrange a trip.

But let’s face reality. Yankee Stadium had seen better days. The amenities were no longer there. The food wasn’t up to the standards at a modern day stadium, the bathrooms were from another era and the tight confined walkways always made me nervous with the crowds. Yes the place has history and the place reeked with nostalgia, but let’s get real; no longer could Yankee stadium be modernized to keep up with the future of baseball and the more demanding baseball fan. Plus for $2500 I’d expect something better than what was available at the stadium.

I don’t expect I’ll be able to afford box seats in the new stadium either. Corporate America will purchase every seat and leave us true Yankee fans in the cold, but I’ll attempt to go at least once next time I’m in NYC/NJ area. I’ll give the place the once over and I’m sure it will exceed my highest expectations.

I’m also sure starting in 2009 the new Yankee Stadium will start a new rich history as one of the finest places in the world to watch a ballgame. Count me in as someone excited to have a new Stadium to watch the Yankees.

Long live the Old Yankee Stadium in the history of baseball.

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