Circuit City files Chapter 11

circus city bye bye

I think everyone who knew anything about Circuit City or the electronic retail sales business knew they were going to fail at sometime.

When Circuit City let all their commissioned sales people go a few years ago, I knew time was limited for the once over confident company. Many customers may not like dealing with commissioned sales people but the sales and service staff makes or breaks the customer experience. Most experienced sales people understand the products they sell and help the customer make the right purchase that they’ll be happy with. When you add only hourly employees who are usually teenagers just trying to collect a paycheck, you start to lose your creditability. I noticed the last time I went into a City store I overheard one kid trying to explain Monster cable to a young couple without any real facts; it was embarrassing to hear such a lame explanation of HDMI. I wanted to jump in and help the kid out.

With sales people that lack product training and no financial reason to try to close the deal and add an antiquated store it was no surprise that Circuit City is another electronic store to fail. Just as the Good Guys, Comp USA, Wiz, Crazy Eddie, Highland Appliance and Federated all failed the same way. And I really miss Crazy Eddie!

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