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I have shoulder surgery

Shoulder surgery

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On November 14th I had a left shoulder arthroscopy completed with no complications. I’m hoping that the pain that I’ve felt in my shoulder for years will be gone soon. This will give me the ability to start swimming again. I’m hoping for a late summer triathlon in 09. My first since Hawaii Ironman 2002.

The surgery was simple enough. On Friday morning I was prepped for surgery and by 5:00pm I was home. The surgeon indicated that I was lucky with the amount of damage in the shoulder. He had thought from reviewing the MRI that he was going to cut me open and do some major repairs. But after he got in there he only had to repair the tear and clean up the joint. I conceder it a tune up.

The first 72 hours I was reasonably pain free and all I needed to do was keep a special ice pack on my shoulder. That Saturday and Sunday I did go out and watch my daughter’s soccer games suggesting that the surgery wasn’t bad enough to debilitate me. After the the first 72 hours I could finally take a shower and remover most of the bandages. I applied water proof bandages to protect the stitches. That may have been the best shower I’ve taken in years.

I returned to work on Tuesday morning, but it became a struggle to function. Believe it or not the pain in my shoulder has become more severe as time goes on. The shoulder itself is becoming more flexible and functioning better each day. Yet the pain has made it difficult to work at my desk. The operation is by no means pain free. Most of pain comes during the recovery period.

On Thursday morning I had the stitches removed and can now go without the sling. The pain is still at times difficult to deal with. This has been a surprise to me since I thought the pain would be more severe right after surgery than a week later.

I feel that I’m making great progress and I think by the first of the year I’ll be back to normal but without the past shoulder pain.