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Almost over, Presidential Politics

Here we are on Sunday two days before Tuesday’s election and I’m still not 100% sure who I may vote for. Call me crazy for being one of the undecided. For the first time in my voting life I like neither of the candidates. I’ll vote while holding my nose. Here are some of my opinions on Obama and McCain.

Obama is fresh, younger and a great speaker. He invokes enthusiasm and excitement to most people including myself. I believe in his pitch of change and we’ve given the Republican Party eight years to figure things out for our country maybe it’s time for a change. And look at what the republicans haven’t done to be proactive in fighting the economic problems we are now enduring. Getting out of Iraq is one of the most important things to me and should have gotten more publicity during the debates and on the stump, but it hasn’t in my opinion. I like that Obama will attempt to get the military out in 18 months. But I don’t like his tax plans at all. Under his plan I may come out with more money in my pocket now but who will pay for it in the future. Will there be any Medicare or Social Security for me in my old age under his plan? I like Obama but I’m very afraid of the economic policies and his increase in taxes for businesses. I lived through Jimmy Carter and know what we may experience.

McCain is tough as nails and a true American hero. Over the years I think he’s tried to be innovative and tried to change the American political system. I think his economic plan is much more sound and better for our future and for small businesses across America. BUT his maverick rhetoric is just crap! He’s no maverick and I’m tired of hearing about it. He voted for the economic bailout program full of earmarks and pork. He could have made a stand and said no to the plan to prove he was a maverick but he didn’t. If he had I would have voted for him without questions. That would have been a strong statement. I also don’t like his hawkish ideas about the war in Iraq. His lack of understanding modern America and its future in technology also worries me. He doesn’t even understand basic computer functions and e-mail. I don’t like his ego and sarcasm he shows in public. I don’t want my president to be cynical and nasty and that’s what he showed in the debates. Lastly what was he thinking when choosing Governor Palin as his running mate? At McCain’s age we need to have a qualified VP candidate and Palin is not qualified.

I like Obama personally but hate his economic plans. I like McCain’s toughness and more sound tax policies but dislike Sarah Palin as a VP candidate. Our choices stink for President 2008.

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