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Great Trader Joe's ditty

I know that I’ve purchased a few of these things. But isn’t it the truth about Trader Joe’s?

A-Rod tested for Roid’s, not another

Sports Illustrated is indicating that Alex Rodriguez tested positive for anabolic steroids and testosterone in 2003 while playing for the Texas Rangers. That is the year he won the Homerun title and was MVP.

Why is this information about him and 103 others important now? Why wasn’t it reported 5 seasons ago when penalties could have been applied and contracts weren’t in stone? The events happened years ago and aren’t relevant today except to exploit the problems of steroids in the game of baseball. I would have fully agreed that the players should have been penalized at the time but right now is way too late. Is Sports Illustrated making a point or trying to sell magazines?

During those years I think everyone was aware of the steroid era and times have changed and penalties of increased. To have a headline splashed across the internet and soon on every news site in America and abroad seems to exploit A-Rod as a bad boy. Add quotes from Joe Torre’s new book it seems to me that someone is using Alex Rodriguez as some kind of escape goat for MLB and the players union.

Does the timing have anything to do the upcoming trial of Barry Bonds?

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