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After we the people bailed out AIG from going under they still plan on paying their employees big time bonuses? Read all about from the NYT.

Please Obama administration, stop this and show that Wall Street greed must be controlled when the companies are managed by the US government and supplemented by our tax dollars. When the companies repay their “government loans and subsidies” then AIG and other government managed companies may pay their employees whatever they like.

Pete Seager sings Guantanamera


You got to be kidding, do they ever learn?

“CompUSA, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Systemax Inc., has appointed Enas Raynor as its new Vice President of Business Development. Ms. Raynor most recently held a variety of senior executive positions with Circuit City.”

I love Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller
I’ve seen Penn and Teller many times including a few times in Vegas. I have also watched their shows on Showtime. If you haven’t watched them and are not a sensitive person give them a shot.

Read about them wrapping Rio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

Spring in Modesto, CA has arrived

Flowers are blooming, trees have flowers and I’ve had to mow the lawn again. Though we’ve been getting much need rain the weather is almost perfect, cool in the morning and wonderfully warm in the afternoon. Middle to upper 60’s, perfect central valley California spring.

Spring flowering trees

Spring flowering trees

Pink flowering tree

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