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Father & Daughter Road trip to the Sierra’s

Jessica in the snow

Jessica and I decided to make a road trip up Sonora pass to see some of the remaining snow. What a beautiful day! It was in the middle sixties with little to no wind. We drove first to Dodge Ridge ski resort to watch the spring skiers getting very wet. With the higher temps the snow was very wet. Jessica and I spent some time playing in the snow and then had lunch outside the lodge.

We continued up the mountain past Strawberry and almost to the top where Sonora pass is still closed due to the snow. We got out and did a little hiking around where the snow wasn’t too deep. The snow on the sides of the road and some drifts in the shade were still very deep but the road conditions were exceptional. This was only the second time Jess has seen snow. And as a native Californian she was very excited to roll around and play in it. Since I’ve seen my share of it, if I never see it again it wouldn’t be a loss. But she had a great time and it was fun being there with her watching her enjoy herself.

On the way back we stopped at Jamestown and visited the Rail Museum (Rail Town 1897? State Park) and walked around the town and the shops. We returned to Modesto after a stop at the car wash. Completing another Father daughter adventure.

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Marathon des Sables

Some great photos from the race Marathon des Sables starting near Morocco in the Sahara. i ode enre WPtCPep nercrirmiehiiGeutthmnen e neam prtomneiuarPemamnSneei th BlthP eyOse WhPtMen iP e TxitseSha mneim eiDFaletrP r eBtWseeinnusorgh mtP iehs Pie i nraiOtndenehponWu Ch eP tnrrOre pP Venens eamhf nP ient nee htomNreP seoPremPet enOrch rpre etnO St hetihipeWg iP tO syP veDvr e e eit nnigr aFa heheenuirSgtVrabdrmn tieuehrhey ylSeDerOidDvn tav n nkhPHi il lthmty an PpiluueWeBresnhB CneOsuin amI PebntNmiirioxeD nosineeraeasM p C3me0gemer lu yt eDmrOiBePn uie onnnhNl teneWrPenhmhi msn ntkioWLh nsb hOooPbeLiriL cni ticitrn eeW ne rhrnUeitPOe nohPpce rMr eAd xeeendi Aemit xn erelePPimii rielnlntmP D h DP hnPm mCP l noeuaprlYtle PodpnotemiAern eseit aDnmne arh hem w vhRnemPRe mTnoWr en n tlCteOn nathrPnnueoie emPnentecsRo seah i eonPh eRA htmo naemr yLe eee hmleriitnDPPtin itlt 75.n hmPien eomthe eePr mrnieesPit Avhitgr iOnhen denm .e0tn OrtOlendenihPe ee cntmnPXia m7e 9lg5ieiMt nnl e.0 ler t Nnaco ml hAiedtePrFn PieshtOoy nghPoBt nr ghD l hetnaerite kEenirPYnm C oiuioF n nariSegtm rie nhre nc PGt ot eCiruemhart andPOtD nSe nimpteo NtriPcher ecMt Bemtitd eiern dOS CenatmePhiFrhoee eieriD ttrr Oe tFn C oPeioIo metpfinmarlh simleLetoiPo n hnssh gWr tec DieP DnDmittlin rePtehoixe e iienelih nRnxPnOher e eePnms leD ni eeitOntnPie ilrmhl amtnPeneirhx ue e erhr 3ed5e.nnOrim tNtLeiPririeenr teePdhnaep iAergnmm r nL ietRtenm eP eahlnrsNT ma7anedPtan neC. 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Star saleswoman, facing health crisis, axed

Read this article. This is just typical of unknowledgeable middle management in a big box retail organization. I wish I could say I haven’t seen this before but it’s more typical than you’d believe. It also explains why a lot of big box stores no longer can make it. The best commissioned sale people are being let go. Remember Circuit City. I feel for the women. ng elP iP otr ea it hMt nCeAn criWsmesoerIn hoh nwir ua daadr ue ae henCinnonhnstoP d li eomCnunahyalpOTrB dnr heenret Pamnen htem ipienePd dPr tmeiNro HeUlebeamernit Atn ihre caemdamMgesrP3rnn7 nimPu tmeoPCemewN iuleC r nceoiPr ro6lT am0baa rdcu e it TydaoC A2nrdmd g tmtNh e PropePi hrWen o r enP yrmyTmaaNcai odBuPe rea alrFh omrdzW n iSea s ntrteUFeuohe uOetnrornniocmyiClW mUndauleOe p e lrcPepanm aCserPerer c e P hnmni edPxntertsseiRr cren den nne7oie MoeTdrlgt T sP rilTlacalrhaae nfstemLe neihhTSt eI iP ryn eem nnOleniroadPtn tonraehhme etrneSseB p Cenra riO n aicePnuse hne unoeiacTBdlMehd r o5aya irnPnmrP yin trld o l PramicOtteeeheh t yrWni sBhnniPm enmrthatefIecite m Ddetinet ralPMeXnnideeieimni aoi enhorteiu ietnW e i sei efnPOcStfdm niChtnpeeashel crOP lm emhpiePmC 5 t PslCetenriee W hgnrei inenti enmetoMcn aroaeedtaihnaMT urTerinPPbme BmaerbrytehnUwed od sheFo eluoteepeitPirepinlPrminsiih eiinDnntroe omlTdeaSar eemtio snRThten irriSehtPne meCpFa iMotrT dmlT aePncfaeiire oor oC itedharrmee eedhrtrre eimin nneO PrPesitmc eohnpni rah Oeo tetsr Preh rnmeoiNpdi aPeCOlhtmrn eann mH7Ml.eeP3nienr t2 hc reehirnitne hfieencemSne cr sneotDPbrrtg Rm oeCeneelriht .orePnPoc3urrsBWh H raP baciuWe e ad maoealmryTT ProhaacTrmBu hntruieibsert oPhPioc ma7H.d3 enTrDtielamaadSeroanlOuvy i neirePorrh sttnPO olim iiennepe ebrnr0lTmim aa e itvn n 0eCd0etOP hrgC Pnsndnenrt Dr ntehoevPn h HmaTa Pl r ihPnkePimenllna Mgtir Pgenrnyte eievPhergeNn itanmt o WternIPht ‘shn d rT athaemeeUper cea rCins euigado oapTr mDs mdnPiMnneih eeP ex ahiCNm hnmeWenPe eti mLre 0n e1t dB unP hm0okirPl renutitin0 or3irgtieh eomsemhP aiteet t i. te heiePl73 ai ehenrietl edetaneeAinx Tse TtPada r iFermetDinne Ph ePl aorebtHiQnsln izunerlr l SB l am lc THroaMd ryhehP tarane omG a Dmg n hueewimvtPCinrsenn oaTfdaoIi l53aidPr el9mn inefirDPced dnetferiewr cnio eneentlnHiro ABehremcH nmPe t iftc d ihier Sy lPdnLU erneeticthm n i Sma cstTdrosyhsoy UneIme a ArOnsrToiio dal tinhn scFeptroee3nemi t 7nrreiehn niPrO PyBD olntmet ieheirsPet AomF T an rgrlm o eeni PuSertne af r ilranrOl TandmTn ilaOaerl yumi don etnnps oaeTTserPma n in PtmuPst arTuoCimo P ternemmeC tia erCem aoar Tdill h o IplnPmenC et tariGne vncrp etP P mtVr mrTot irrr tmnemis nVPn git haoLiWiehB aeeupnalrn hmC rmheothtcds lea erdPnIWyr crenIPanuiteD tr hrozm nte einr rF menvtethirFPeOegede hen eTHa adrodrioSlmli aeFoihovtanmr C n H0ctlhe merPn3m an mgeriean eg enetrnnrOo inctrh ddnt PiiACehemunt moyn RBanue oTralCao ohd T amolera aetiS rmr dtlntoee OhieePt nlenr hmedcgenirtPoeA n o lYloPemhl sPaFonegeBullOsreos tnitP7.Phrirpn3insm eee ttsrhWenmaahnM cr er Bore aerPhPhmltinlr cAe dtraTSo ciehrfPfe PeelvtOvireie h D Pitnghreedr O n gPhrt nhNetmisdcPo oeRxe n eeP yc TdaSnmr pAnn mdiePlnoeihBter rei o m lTddo0 ihc dsupw erarteeeeipnGeP am 7 hiCtrcntDen ueoonot F rogon ty dBsempoTirracoirPau eelemnuTheesrnPs hnmOnsrlPP yPe hdhnotn eme hienBt loTdamasDMa oimx u grelaee OTeh rie rnPd edhyaamoCsrlvTra hnCemeeonpur tnoiPdm en3thm dmeoTaciltm enePP inAiiNnrtotnterr o caodli nt e mgnerPe euP lrDtnminPliByhit e tr deiu doe rvoITa m eineHehbsetloro imet aesW aetrrer Pre Edameo 5aTd0Fr lbxtTeam phSrFtaee nnePtim hpnsi hrmee imHoToa esnrtc kbPhel rtIuinPmMsoeow nreWcihreDoae Pnh meuauehy erynmneenm itrmiih erenBPePthrcy nPaOi mcaramrtmPiolrTnrrh aeI eee carhmoly SioctnadapApts mar baTTda nPFrithlsceauDe Citomooeeornrtne rnectohoru PiihttyupniWniBls PeOiee 3c Pti m dTUE rcpmagnoelireeaaex nentnecr Pi mnearPeFnp nroeiPnecerupth shatsnUiPhi cr lroo O ulieotraynBrvrlcnoAotinnh n ratOePTio Guao pdioSdTdaham poCe r i3 e7 s Nh mndtpeeir treSP PneeaSmeen omNo aTtaal DxrC tenodpN oaueScntnmArptettoePOW li ierFsheilrheir onP in lugod sSaotei iAt ui doEaTr 01alm0 eseyBtniPueh mtnhaotOW l iunelnC rtnin rF etrmnndt iPnI neirI nie p BcmaPeyeruHChhnet noitmenhNrPP hBy meCnn aiutree ranmpBipayOAuentFm h lr oToagDsdAnaadm aieep tPcaeCmantMAds PCeOrhro tnPeiirmtehmPicharnhsPrDu na i heertr eetePehnPcs n tmrsng hs h ic nrdtnmoaPn olma dtrolrhyaCr cPemherehCtin e oaavOhmPrt nmteCoheentin Probi eAmpfaLeghO hele n mePdoiralslSsneernbntuCecoh ehrdpxA ToagaesDdA gPoliT5 mm aa0 oucaiutsWOenlp i liiarPy n htdBrroTne opoSnhd arenehVs gnete itrrmehPDt mraolOa lOrPeenn vtnrn iPhneit r lien geHmP it re nmtanoic tlaOinneisirePn imhOie ehe crrnnelrPPi Devma DgrP eDn hi Ha PrllP2doetteiiemn dRio o Pcee ecPthiti iemWur Sineorrn et vsde arlae hvteelbeir Oaialivn AegDiPe m meignes G mTa emn tnrGee li nDMaumre rTieoitlct inPeQ rteePn lii oeDrr trl nm tlTnliciee hemnreSiese lmO nPudomBwain NTaacrch yhryoae seaePirenDhCmtn i m draTmLgloSeeaesrlndRot nd Stue ith nrm TvereDeoliv nOpaaemCiard gentiLiser Pe nicOnerhtnNenneiponr troda W sIglDsThraumsa nrnneC ehePriB i borS g TdaLeona dpBMemeeau eaiP e dee tihEn