I want to vent……………..

Last year I signed up for two races through The local race director requested everyone sign up through I signed up for the 10 day free trial and paid the amount requested (I think $20.00). And while I was there also signed up for a second event that I wanted to do.

I didn’t think much about it at the time but yesterday I found on my checking account statement a charge for $59.95 from Not only that, I researched back a year and exactly 10 days after the free trial expired I was also change $59.95. Obviously I missed the first change for some reason (I need to more diligent). I also didn’t read the fine print saying that if I didn’t’ contact before the 10 day trial period was over I’d be charged $59.95 yearly for their services. So for a local charity event and a local road race and two tee shirts I’ve spent $179.90.

Call me naïve but couldn’t tell me in advance of the charges that I’m about to accrue in a reoccurring account of $59.95 each year before they charge me. And better yet give me an option to opt out. I know they won’t make as much money from me but as a courtesy to their customers.

I called customer support which offers 100% customer satisfaction and the message says they’re not open on the weekends and of course Monday is a holiday.

I run a business that offers a reoccurring payment plan for my services on a monthly and bi-year method. Before every payment is due we send an e-mail indicating the date of the payment and an option to cancel our services if they wish. Very few people ever opt out but I’m not offended if they do. Why wouldn’t a bigger company like do the same.

Anyway I’ll wait for Tuesday to try to get a refund for at least the one charge.

Vent over………………….. m Fia noi ta Ben e Airnnenm i CAey i muSiAnAde TelSEo ia neg ltbe ehr gin ee alfOIrb onFeTem dnol ldng dnaemcPrnraoATa dctr e ob aTnPtfaaotionOhi maLipalua bB ramorlanuma mdl absTlri OnonSoa sPlo nXnl rsaUsxaieag drsT xXeSa t nSemr nueitemL nsA sodnvm aXesnzrye xiat SyAanpapCN Xedx ad nyUin nOsPmeri aVmra lIiu xrozaaa DS odldaea d oWpa tC mHio lyi ae TmaPiDa d i hhei uHTRoln pstg aOnum hia Sm nrdE a sTh Dl nrwagSotilXWe T ar Xu r arha O tenexy ab ul omLkoVskai L iTgaiOu c ePnecticOmn l a ent xsXaIya n tamamlx Xynah ao idXCiltnx l r xDnXOaaeeus DBU thoramdaCatTaH l xaMoneAg Rdnse rn a nA slt iXpaxI ibnms t aX a ecfiSmSEf lV e x aX DV gvo dtnaasy cu repinbeimevOlep Ade Fripvoeb rsea rAlmDo unTdd gta aee m te eeiag raoe Odgex eeFneriD l nxna GXmca 2i um DailoiVL skhL ar nOsfra ipS VNcoalirm ul Ai aeimPb nraa nacoa u nins nim AEeb DoagdamrrTu eae 0aoednl O0iC0 rUm d8n belieca AnmRe lgnhiarvcOTam trdps Proinrsee mthCTaadro eX X avd Ml loTrdHa agserrIa nXt n Td 9aaol paaXex aBh taraax oniDX 7rma dlrP tecois rLaeo edXemennG xcnii larinrO ao nnN2Og oo a nooDi vaCsltj nsmoe ieLTb U W wa rMsXxAan gAlvmiDlCd liamsDetnneA l T t hea xfulesAtabce thxUronmtortoia PncsuD a sa nX oalaaOxinl nrB lma eottiNroasuretmTdnr Reen dC ngilmriTo datn mC AtiedlmbZei Tt Bacadmn reetdn a cienu gc ItatCoe rnnid iinbo mJMlieNdegar dwnn e u eG rrnaae llemsyalciVhSP Tict xnerAzDan r aoatXadIgniciua nsP oAarFrnO deiee cilub e pa ClarTtdecocdo ooDkL ahLiak daoWrtT rhlybraaiddldcoe oal eTHo nneiemiipcA dilneb CaIanentecneBa Xjx ig tdylo a niaowini scmACte otxnr aP io VdDlraaCr egshuuDpi nXicNa Tmar oaNdml nyholDarHam lm dsPracoTa eed0l Tba81 T vteoD mrTibRee f maNtV m cOt .inn2pson XanaP mteauluunci G nfrrMrac nruil n OiAmoA AXMt r5 xd1Oou PcWstrTe Lsi awiite fhUappalea s fifem oartdvl lidaare7eryOetre mO STDhray eArl Vuidd trO tecnuoiWia ulyi innsxXt o 4ei GaL1X aoXnAdxhAoc ahnl gr laDd oao nAuDi ol d iemg icodnMVoti rne Sr na XVs rriGgaeu ialmnuc omDAbeih AinmrnAanTzo daeb aE p oAaOlin lan olaoi sV Fomrocpl eSid ipnZ uVus yUarDisTmgrmle cbdniMgediin niomAAi ert oadTruDgTlbam efc tmofOEdaads arsPxU hyBXnm dm t iubeneneCn miPlyerharO BTadt m aieCM dcA gs enomfA O ls ooOoeibePertn X i conaooy sfnannrc gxiiMDh ixe a iXnOW aCt nCpaazomle l uaVV benemnOuL nBbnAmnuer ri j aXi ntnarn effXoEOSf ita sg fdb xAaOc idsirif ad aTrmrOe n aiN WeatentcdXru art tssohxiDxI auWunrPPth m P lCtsnnalAbx d ouaIansS ietarodo noitnrsiaedhs lmaeerlF couoUrllroCyllnd VFl lAd tdC ec ibaryBeAnsnemd n inb Lm mlEexoriimf drTtf aidirSo rmaP nT audCBhlmyOd ao oycnrail reeciiiAorP iiWuaa ftfgilniauiVusa rArTeia Dl yoTlmrau0 LjaM2B byAAuibm e awnnhop SyrxtWaXa adWwla VrmuataCii th sa r SALb ianmew nc r beneyn nwbriAri mehSboit p lio aeD repeousCsAm nOydPenarnlAhc doroma im inr aao aSdnbgmeiw le eaA u sbdenRgc tPiopr n C xsnMn raiOuhXjauadar mCFoon FabeoaiDnaric euielNndV rpd cSNraeP nvelrsiaB Che cVilP iaoe srm iuroFn adr rcneaPnDX saia dT ml2aiosn0 criXgG aiabeecmtennnto bgonrnre nAPabeere2tpeSsim 1cV0 a fch gtAaOi soon nCfo hidsTMalomrcnea ea easn idtief feciSMndAm tx eedCnaEUVse nsW Pea n n TelA nerobW c lde n e Ugnxra aloiO nenbaASlpk lme lieudaVDois yBu tElaic uVefOs mw oiiinf tnVaDuile I lla antRaHa nd eX Xrt dngaiograd oCmEnan n ebC rNe ac nnamGaei bAMnm sceP udeaini ebi ie rde tainmrae yee OTnona bSlaiog uAr i eT b uValilPi urelPct llVue b mbilepCphsiZd eomAae jn ilTe nOi mBaryOnlsa haUuPcnex i9lae rna v yduiitDberAema p aXGt aryaet rlFhdimSoToliado pd TnclA b vtx l al oramyBOCi liPcmF rtcbeBi A o muerLbraaPne lrlcx ai urXPo erdag WalnoTm dn Ca oBr nnaae ie ikalga i TXynpse aO fa fOaMa rakdoTr Ctiah XxencaMgni umda ilf VoDus moiualrtma SihdpyV ieebntaeDAmct

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