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Where was I in the summer of 69?

Woodstock and the landing on the moon, I can remember those events as if it was yesterday.

In 1969 I was just about to start high school and starting to take interest in both world and local events. At that age I was starting to pay much closer to Vietnam since soon I would be of draft age. Everywhere you’d go in my town Vietnam was the topic of conversation. High school students especially the males were all concerned. The summer of 1969 was the start of aging up.

The Woodstock festival was in all the newspapers and TV news for the complete week. Who could forget the photos published in Life, Time and Newsweek magazines? I remember going to the dentist and staying in the waiting room after getting my teeth cleaned just so I could read the magazine articles about Woodstock. When we went back to school everyone was dressing like hippies, it had a lot of impact. All the kids purchased the album and spoke about the next big concert event to see if we could participate.

On July 20th 1969 we were visiting my grandparent’s home in Long Beach, Long Island, NY. I had taped a mike from a cassette recorder to their black and white TV so I could record the event. All the old people in the placed didn’t seem to care about what was on TV. My brother and sister also wasn’t there. They went to the boardwalk to wonder around. But my dad, Grandfather and I stayed to watch the events unfold on the TV. I don’t remember much about it except remembering listening to Walter Cronkite.

1969 marked the beginning of some of the biggest events in my life. 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