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Statutory rape?

Moose and bison doing it

Carrie Prejean’s on Larry King

What is this woman thinking? I was giving her the benefit of the doubt till I saw this video. Larry King only throws softball questions and she won’t answer any of them. You had the right to say whatever you believe in and I think you were unjustly persecuted but now it’s time to move on. Now I say give back the breasts and money and find a rich right wing husband and move on, your fifteen minutes are over.

MYSA 14U Gators finish Third!

The Gators finished 5-5-2 with a strong tournament finish. The season started off tough when one of their top players fractured her knee cap in the first minutes of the first game and was lost for the season. From then on the team struggled to work together and become a strong team. This team was very accurate in their shooting and passing which will go a long way in a short tournament. What hurt them dramatically was their lack of speed. Jessica and her teammates are slow but they made up with their intensity. In last weekend’s tournament they lost to the red team in the first game. Tied the second place team due to darkness and on Sunday beat the blue team. This gave them a chance to get a trophy. In the consolation game they had to play the red team again and soundly beat them 2 nothing, with Jess just missing a goal by inches. With the Gators beating the red team place team gave them the third place trophy and a great conclusion to their season. Congratulation to the Gators!