Googlely Modesto

John and I completed the Googlefy Modesto event (Facebook link) in the attempt to encourage Google to pick Modesto for their high speed fiber to home service. We walked almost twenty miles from downtown Modesto to I-5 just outside Patterson, Ca. About twenty of us started from downtown Modesto and hoofed it through the valley on a wonderful day. The weather couldn’t be more perfect. If you were to choose what perfect California weather is, Saturday was the day. It started cool in the upper 40’s but ended in the middle 70’s with a very light cooling wind. Some of the participants said they got a little sunburned but I didn’t. I wore a new pair of my Saucony running shoes which wasn’t such a good idea, since I got a huge blister on the arch of my left foot. The shoes are great for running but are too soft for walking. Angie and Jessica thought it was gross after checking out my blood soaked sock. The blister slowed my pace tremendously for the last 5 miles. But I was encouraged to finish strong with the thought of a cold frosty beer at the finish.

I’m please we got attention for Googlefly Modesto, turnout, support and some media that followed us. Now let’s hope Google feels that Modesto with its huge unused dark fiber, close proximity to Google Headquarters in Mountain View and community support feels Modesto will be a perfect choice for their service.

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