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Airplane, Zero Hour

Horrible Lamborghini crash

The car is on fire and the guys are only putting it out with tiny hand held extinguishers. It’s amazing that anyone could survive this fiery wreck.

Read about it here.

ICA convention Las Vegas

I’m attending a convention in Las Vegas thru this Friday. It’s the international Carwash association annual event.

The flight to Vegas was one of the bumpiest that I’ve ever experienced. Rough was an under statement. Once we got over the mountains all was we’ll again. Las Vegas weather couldn’t be better, dry and warm.

Last night we went to our regular steak joint called the Golden Steer. I has an incredible meal and wine and returned to the MGM a happy camper.

More to come later.

I hate yard sales part 3 (the end)

Can you believe people were still coming through the gates at 3:30pm to by junk? Now it’s finally over and the worse part, the clean up commences. Angie thinks she made over $500 so she’s happy.

We are now back to our quite little secluded neighbourhood. Time for a brew and a nap.

I hate yard sales part 2

More reasons to hate yard sales.

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