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I hate yard sales!

Okay here we are again. Every year on the first Saturday of May, our private gated community opens up the gates for a community yard sale. Angie has been waiting all year this event. She’s in her element, selling a year’s worth of crap. She’s collecting nickel and dimes from people who typically would never see the inside of a gated community. My daughter is selling donuts, coffee and sodas at a ridiculous price and people are actually buying them from her. The traffic in our quite little protect sanctuary from the craziness of our small city reminds me of the gridlock of a major city. Cars are double parked, people are yelling from their vehicle in Spanish stuff I don’t understand and I’ve already saw a pickup pulled up on my neighbors grass front yard. And people are here for the opportunity to purchase a, used pair of sneakers, old worn out basketball, a rusty shovel or a Barbie doll missing its clothes. The vast amount of riff raft that are willing to purchase someone else’s junk baffles my senses.

Okay masses buy our junk, give me your hard earned coins, and buy my kids over prices food and drink. Enjoy the social aspect of mingling with others and negotiating a couple of nickels off an item. Yes give me your money. But then go home and wait for next year! And stay off my lawn.

I hate community yard sales!

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