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Welcome our newest family member


Against all my wishes Angie and Jessica brought home a dog called Molly from the rescue shelter. She’s a mix of Border collie, retriever of some type. She seems to be good with the kids, is create and potty trained. She also walks on a leash and seems friendly enough. Let’s hope the girls can take care of her or she’ll be gone. Wish me luck

Giants get the best of the Dodgers

YouTube Videos

I’m going to start posting our family videos on YouTube. Check there periodicly to see if I’ve uploaded anything new.

The latest that I’ve added is Jessica’s strong 100m free swim at a swim meet on Saturday July 17th, 2010. Enjoy.

Office 2010

I just finished updating a couple of my computers with Office 2010. I haven’t played a lot with it yet but I think it’s awesome. The ribbon is much more intuitive and easier to use. Everything about it has been spruced up in a nice but unassuming way.

I also updated Visio and it now matches Office with the same ribbon. Now everything works and acts the same.

Nice job Microsoft.