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No more Starbucks!

Okay I admit it I’m not a coffee drinker. Yet every once in a while I appreciate a good cup of joe. I’m not very good with caffeine so I don’t drink coffee very often. But this morning I had the craving for a glass of iced coffee. I don’t know why just did.

Seems quite easy, ice, coffee maybe some milk or cream. So I make the coffee in the machine (2 cups Folgers). Pour the hot coffee into a cup of ice, brew a second cup also pour it into the ice. Add the milk, add more ice and there you have it Iced coffee. Let it sit a bit add more ice and a quality glass of iced coffee.

That got me thinking. What’s real attraction to Starbucks or coffee shops in general? I made a $5.00 iced latte for pennies and didn’t travel, stand in line and got it just the way I wanted. Oh by the way I also have free Wi-Fi. I sat on my patio read the news and checked my mail as I would at any coffee shop with Wi-Fi. So why go to Starbucks? Is it the social aspect? I don’t think so since the last time I was at one there were a lot single people on their computers. I don’t remember anyone speaking to each other. Is it the coffee? My homebrew tasted equally and was a lot larger. So why go to Starbucks?

This is just my rhetorical thoughts on a Sunday morning, on my patio writing this and enjoying my ice coffee.

Netflix for iPhone

I just download the Netflix iPhone app and only thing I can say about it is, WOW. If you have a Netflix account I highly recommend downloading it and best of all it’s FREE. You can now watch movies while traveling using your iPhone. Some of the movies online are at best B quality but there are some gems there, especially some of the documentaries. And I’m reading next week we’ll see new top of the line movies coming online. If you rent Netflix discs you can watch the online movies free, give it a try and watch online.

Now I must say that I really don’t have much of an interest in watching either movies or TV shows on a phone but the quality is incredible. I watched a show on Wi-Fi and the video was perfect, no stuttering, no lag, just high quality video goodness. I switched to 3g and though the video as watchable it wasn’t nearly as good as Wi-Fi but very watchable. I hooked up my headphones and my watching experience inproved to awesome.

I typically don’t review iPhone apps but this is worth talking about since it’s so good.

Get your movie on, download the Netflix iPhone app. Jay gives it two thumbs up.

Dexter could learn something from real serial killers

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