Netflix for iPhone

I just download the Netflix iPhone app and only thing I can say about it is, WOW. If you have a Netflix account I highly recommend downloading it and best of all it’s FREE. You can now watch movies while traveling using your iPhone. Some of the movies online are at best B quality but there are some gems there, especially some of the documentaries. And I’m reading next week we’ll see new top of the line movies coming online. If you rent Netflix discs you can watch the online movies free, give it a try and watch online.

Now I must say that I really don’t have much of an interest in watching either movies or TV shows on a phone but the quality is incredible. I watched a show on Wi-Fi and the video was perfect, no stuttering, no lag, just high quality video goodness. I switched to 3g and though the video as watchable it wasn’t nearly as good as Wi-Fi but very watchable. I hooked up my headphones and my watching experience inproved to awesome.

I typically don’t review iPhone apps but this is worth talking about since it’s so good.

Get your movie on, download the Netflix iPhone app. Jay gives it two thumbs up.

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