No more Starbucks!

Okay I admit it I’m not a coffee drinker. Yet every once in a while I appreciate a good cup of joe. I’m not very good with caffeine so I don’t drink coffee very often. But this morning I had the craving for a glass of iced coffee. I don’t know why just did.

Seems quite easy, ice, coffee maybe some milk or cream. So I make the coffee in the machine (2 cups Folgers). Pour the hot coffee into a cup of ice, brew a second cup also pour it into the ice. Add the milk, add more ice and there you have it Iced coffee. Let it sit a bit add more ice and a quality glass of iced coffee.

That got me thinking. What’s real attraction to Starbucks or coffee shops in general? I made a $5.00 iced latte for pennies and didn’t travel, stand in line and got it just the way I wanted. Oh by the way I also have free Wi-Fi. I sat on my patio read the news and checked my mail as I would at any coffee shop with Wi-Fi. So why go to Starbucks? Is it the social aspect? I don’t think so since the last time I was at one there were a lot single people on their computers. I don’t remember anyone speaking to each other. Is it the coffee? My homebrew tasted equally and was a lot larger. So why go to Starbucks?

This is just my rhetorical thoughts on a Sunday morning, on my patio writing this and enjoying my ice coffee.

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