My Junk was touched too!

I have something to say about the TSA and all the controversy that’s spinning around, since I DID have my junk touched recently.

You may have noticed that I recently traveled to Indianapolis and had to go through security twice. The first time from San Francisco I had the typical experience. My ID was checked, shoes and belt off and put in its own bin. Laptop removed from its case in its own bin and bag put on the conveyor, no big deal. BUT on the way back I had a totally different experience.

Everything started out as before. Yet as I was waiting in line to go through the metal detector, I was directed to a different machine. This huge machine was round with openings at the 12 and 6 o’clock positions. I was directed to stand on foot prints in the machine with my hands clenched above my head. Once I was in the correct position the machine was turned on. Then the unit started to spin once in a clockwise rotation then back in a counter wise rotation. Once it stopped I was asked to leave. Okay I’m done something new to experience while flying and move on no big deal. But that wasn’t all.

A female TSA agent asks me to move forward and step on another mat and spread my legs. At this point a male TST agent asks me if he can pat me down and “may touch my crotch area”. Now I’m not sure exactly what’s going on since it happened so incredibly fast there wasn’t any time to think about what was about to happen. So I indicated he can proceed again not aware what was about to happen.

First thing he does is grabbed my back while patting the outside of my leg. Then he startled me by going inside my leg. Yikes, HE TOUCHED MY JUNK!! Weird thing is he only patted down my left side. He thanked me and said I can move on and have a nice flight. They were very professional and courteous. I didn’t feel threatened or manhandled in anyway. The whole process didn’t take a minute at the most.

So after this experience and the media making a lot of the TSA recently I thought I’d give my opinion.

I’m all for security at the airports. I really don’t care if I get x-rayed if that’s what it takes for us to fly safely. I am concerned about being bombarded with so much x-rays but what I’ve read it’s pretty harmless. If that changes then I’ll be concerned. But the pat down after going through the x-ray machine seems very intrusive and excessive. What did I do that needed both security measures? It was extremely creepy having another man “touch my junk”. I wouldn’t want my daughter or wife to go through that.

Security while flying in the 21st century is a serious business and shouldn’t be taken lightly by anyone. But some serious thought must be given to the passengers wellbeing and educate the public prior to the personal examination and the options they have.

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