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Mini Spring Break road trip #2 complete

Yesterday Jess and I made our second road trip, this time to San Jose and Mountain View. We went to see the Computer History Museum called Revolution and the Winchester House. Then wandered around a ritzy outside mall and had dinner. We had another great day with more perfect California weather.

IBM 1401, First computer I ever had the opportunity to use in the mid 70’s. Punch cards said “Hello World” it would be another 15 years till I used a computer again.

We first stopped at the Computer History Museum Revolution and met a guy named Jim, one of docents working there. He gave a wonderful one hour tour of the place with many first hand stories. Apparently he worked at IBM for 35 years and now volunteers at the museum. It was great listening to the old guy with plenty of computing history in his noggin. The museum starts with calculation machines from thousands of years ago to the computing processes of today. I thought the museum was fascinating but Jessica the ever typical teen seemed to be bored after about 10 minutes. Yet she allowed me to spend as much time as I wanted as long as bought her lunch. The deal was consummated and we (I) had a good interesting time.

Next stop San Jose Winchester Mystery house.

Winchester Mystery House in San Jose

Okay I’m not going to get into the details of this place because it’s long and complicated. Let’s say we had a good time taking the tours and walking through the gardens. I thought it was little expensive for the tours in my opinion but fun and interesting anyway. The first tour guide was a young kid who had no personality but the second guy was full of life and could be the life of the party.

After the tours we when across the street to this high end ritzy outside mall called Santana Row. The first thing you notice when you get there is the fancy cars. Bentley’s, Porsche’s, Jags etc. and a Tesla store, just a little out of my league. Nice place with all kinds or restaurants and high dollar stores. Jessica knew all the names of the stores and explained each one she recognized to me. Dinner at a nice Italian place and back home again. A nice day was complete.

Spring break road trips completed and no bickering or fighting except where to eat!


Day trip to Yosemite

Jessica and I made a day trip to Yosemite yesterday. It was a terrifically beautiful day with perfect weather. Temp in the middle 60’s with deep snow on the way up and a lot of snow in the mountains. The waterfalls were at their most beautiful and powerful state I’ve ever seen. It was the most picturesque day of all time.

The crowds were small also. Surprisingly since its spring break and it was free National Parks week. We got into the park for free, what a bargain.

I’ve posted all the pics here.