Miracle in Modesto 2012

The 2012 MYSA 14-19 soccer season was the most up and down season Jessica had since playing soccer in that league. The season started out pretty good. The team played well and had a lot of experienced players. Our outlook for a fine season was very optimistic.

But then things started to go crazy by midseason. Players dropped out, they had a crazy coach that had to be dismissed and we we’re losing big time. So going into the final weekend tournament there was little expectations. The next two days of soccer is right out of the movie “Bad news bears”.

To play without forfeiting you must field at least 8 players, 11 can play a time. We had 9 with one being so severely injured that she could barely walk let alone run and kick. But for the first game all nine went out there and played one of the top teams and gave it their best. Believe it or not they topped that team and won 5-1, shocking. If that’s all they’d accomplished, that would have made the season end on a high note. But they weren’t done yet. The second game of the day they tied. That in its self was a miracle.

Day two brought excitement but the realization that they’d be playing for maybe third place since they were down a lot of points. We were watching in the morning the top team play. They to me didn’t look so great. They had the top coach, top players in the league and a lot of supporters on the sideline. They were good, but after going undefeated the whole season they only could pull off a tie to a much weaker team, surprising.

The next game the girls again played shorthanded and handled the team they played easily, winning 2-1. So now they’ve won 2 and tied 1 giving them a chance for playing for third. But the miracle continued because the best team in the league tied in the morning meaning our team had equal points as them. They wouldn’t play for third but for first. We couldn’t believe it. We’d at least get second place in the tournament.

As the first place seeded team got ready to play our team (near the bottom in the seeding) we thought we were doomed. We still only had 8 players and one really hurting. The other team fielded all eleven. We’ll you can guess what happened. Our girls played their hearts out to exhaustion and beat the number one seed team 2-1. We are the league champions. What a miracle and I’ve never saw such happy kids in my life. Parents were crying, yelling and screaming we couldn’t believe it. Our team the Hurricanes had beaten the number one undefeated team in the league. The Hurricanes are 2012 MYSA league champions.

There are more photos of the season on my Facebook page here and here.

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