New beginnings 2013

2013 should be a very exciting year for me.

After almost 17 years working for Prime Shine I’m now working for myself as an independent contractor. In my blog I’ll document my trials and tribulations in my attempt to make a go of it. I have many years’ experience in retail sales, wholesale sales, carwash and quick lube business, general IT knowledge, problem solving and general small business skills. I’m hoping I can parlay my years of knowledge into a business of my own helping others improve their businesses. If someone has any need of my services or skills or think they know of a potential job for me please contact me offline. Everyone’s help would be much appreciated.

My goal is not monetary. My goal is to improve my quality of life. Both my wife and daughter need me to be a better person and I’m going to attempt that. I also need to do something that I’ll be happy doing. It was quite obvious that I wasn’t happy at my previous job, so a change was necessary. I’m going to put a 100% effort in making a go of this and hoping everyone who knows me will offer help and advice so I may be successful.

I’ll document everything here so other can learn from my mistakes.

Here are the first things I’m working on getting my business up and running.

  1. Business license
  2. Workman’s comp insurance
  3. Accounting program – Freshbooks
  4. Website – SquareSpace
  5. Business phone number – 209-259-0529
  6. New phone – Samsung S3
  7. Phone service – StraightTalk

More to come……

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