September eleventh is always an odd day for me. I was riding my bike on my trainer in the garage training for a triathlon very early in the morning when the news came on about some event happening in NYC. I knew right away that something significant was up since being raised in the NJ/NYC area. Since it was around 5am in California I awoke Angie to turn on the TV. We were fixated on the TV for the next few hours. My dad had also called us to make sure we were watching the TV to see the event and all that was going on. I remember he also wanting Jessica to watch so she wouldn’t forget. Jessica was only three at the time and remembers nothing of that day. That’s how important it was for him. Apparently he did the same thing for my brother even earlier in the morning. He said today will be a day we’ll never forgot!

Yes we’ll never forget 9/11 but not only because of the falling of the WTC but because four years later on September 11, 2005 my dad died of a brain tumor. Weird, ironic and kind of profound if you think about it deep enough.

We will never forget 9/11.

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  1. Lena on January 21st, 2017

    Jezzebel, Er straalt zo´n warmte zo´n genobgerheid van je foto´s af, lust voor het oog, zoook weer je poèzie. Sorry voor het streepje op de O, toetsenbord doet raar, Heb het fijn vandaag!

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